Slice of Life Photography Images and Stories by Michael Dubiner

I have written two lengthy fictional short stories about these 

Beggars In Boca.  The stories were inspired when I told 

someone about this neatly dressed begging couple that I 

photographed.  His reaction was that they were fakers.  I then 

wrote dual stories, one about them being con-artists and the other 

about genuine beggars that were down on their luck. Neither

story is true as I do not know their story.  To read the stories, 

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Who can beat the Florida Keys?  For more Keys images, 

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Advertising in South Florida (now closed down).

     I have decided to recreate my web site, Slice of Life Photography at  I have ignored the site for years, while continuing my photography and my writing.  Until now, my site was professionally designed.  It was nice and this site contains many of it's elements.  However, the web interface was rigid and difficult and I fould my ability to add and change work was limited, then impossible.  I switched to Sandvox to create this site.  It was easy because it allowed me to import my site, with some changes, in it's entirety. I can take an image an have it up on the site within hours.

     While physical issues have limited what I photograph, I integrate my photography into my exercise routine.  It works so that I am able to make images several times a week.

     Check out the fictionalized story about Einstein's wife in the New Stories Section.

     There are many new images in the Polaroid Images and Lensbaby sections.  Also, the Portrait sections; The Young, Transitional Years, The Elderly and Alone, all have many new images.

     Please be aware that the site is being corrected on the fly so there may be incomplete stories, captions, unconnected links.  It is a work in progress.

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Kid in Havana playing stickball with a bottle cap as the 

ball.  For other images from Cuba, click here.

Jupiter Beach, Florida

My favorite image?

Lawyers in the Toilet-to my honored profession-flush before you leave!

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Swing set outside the Gheto wall in Krakow, Poland.

To read about my return to my Mother's Holocaust history, 

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Taken with an iPhone!

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This woman is begging at a major intersection in West

Palm Beach.  The sign in the background at the mid-left,

which I have enlarged, is advertising a gun shop that was 

closed a few weeks later for illegal activities.  Our session 

was cut short by a police office who called us over with a 

bullhorn and questioned the woman.

Pride in a job well done!

© Michael Dubiner 2012